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Personalized EdTech Marketing Strategies That Resonate

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We at The Marketing Hawks are committed to ideate and execute marketing campaigns that is well suited to our valued client’s target audience. Our goal is to craft a marketing message that fits well with the educators, students, and parents, all at a same time. We dive deep into the market research, and data to find the best opportunities to rank, and target campaigns that will bring the desired ROI for our clients.
We understand the EdTech business model, and run multi-channel marketing campaigns to achieve the results. Our speciality is rooted in performance marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media, and setup marketing automations for educational businesses. Partnering with us gives you an uplift in your business growth journey, and gives you an opportunity to experience improved leads so that you can take your educational projects to the next level.


Our search engine marketing (SEM), and Pay-per-click (PPC) service is designed to engage your target audience with specially crafted campaigns tailored to your unique needs. You can drive traffic, generate leads, and signups to your courses with our custom designed Edtech marketing service. We research and analyse paid campaigns that leverage an in-depth Edtech sector knowledge to gain visibilty, capture qualified leads.


The Edtech SEO service it help you stay ahead of your competition on search engine, and help you in overall business growth. The Marketing Hawks team has developed a workflow that will help you achieve higher SERP rankings, gain new prospects, and expand your digital footprint. Increase your website traffic organically, and maintain a search-engine friendly website with our periodic SEO audit reports.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing service help you craft content that will attract your target audience to take the desired step by getting into the conversion funnel. Our expert team of content creators are well-versed in the edtech industry best practices, latest trends, and educational technology solutions. The Marketing Hawks comprehensive content marketing strategy is in-depth, and incorporates the content that is specific to the buying cycle of your customer.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We provide conversion rate optimisation (CRO) service for your edtech clients that is designed to maximize conversions, and gives them an edge over their competitors with a better ROI in marketing. We use data driven insights, advanced analytics, and track the user journey to find any conversion leakages, and optimise the journey users take to reach the desired goal. You can experience a significant increase in signups, trials, course sales, and edtech business growth.

Social Media Marketing

Build an interactive presence on social channels with our creative social media marketing service that is designed to fulfill your business goals. Our content creation, and social media advertising campaigns will help you get to your target audience faster than ever designed by our team of experts. Target your desired demographics, interest, and user behaviour to reach out the most relevant audience segment. The Marketing Hawks helps you manage your social media campaigns, and keep a track of the performance with periodic reporting.

Influencer Marketing

Harness the power of influencers in the edtech industry with our influencer marketing service. We connect you with influential individuals who have a strong presence and following in the educational technology space. Through strategic collaborations and endorsements, we help you reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. Our team handles the entire influencer marketing process, from identifying the right influencers to managing campaigns and measuring results.

Why Choose The Marketing Hawks for your SaaS Business?

Growth-Focused Strategy

We are transparent on our strategy, and execution that is focused on the growth to help our clients fulfill their business needs in the most efficient manner.

End-to-End Marketing Approach

We offer a complete suite of marketing services from ideation, planning, execution, and reporting to help our clients ship campaigns faster.

Scaleable Solutions

Our services help you scale your business in different areas of the market. Explore new practices, and learn from the data to help mature your business growth.

EdTech Industry Experience

Leverage our diverse experience in the edtech sector to help marketing your educational technology and business that meet the industry standards.

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